Noob from Comiefornia ;)

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Noob from Comiefornia ;)

Postby Marfish » Wed Jul 29, 2015 1:30 am

Greetings. I found this site while trolling other sites, seeking load info on the .20 Practical. I like my Savage Axis 22-250 ok, and had read how easy a barrel swap could be so I went for it. (but not by sacrificing the 22-250) For this project, I found a used model 10 hunter with walnut stock, in .223 as my donor, (better quality foundation) so all I had to do was fit the new Criterion 26", SS, heavy varmint barrel and inlet the stock before staining and varnishing the raw wood under it. Ok, I also put a target spring on the accu-trigger, and a surface-ground recoil lug on the little beastie. Using a sized case, and a NO-Go gauge, with a Field gauge as final safety officer, I was sure all was good. I decided to wait for initial results before spending more money on truing the action face to the threads and bolt lands. The hardest part of the project was inletting the stock for the barrel. I have now just finished my first barrel swap, .20 cal. cartridge, and wildcat, all in one grand move. I must say it was a fun project and Savage makes it Oh-so-easy.
So anyway, last weekend I got to break it in. I hate cleaning. The delicious thing was that my fastidious activity attracted the attention of my shooting range neighbors who were wondering why this "goof-ball" was cleaning after every shot (not their words...exactly...). Lol. After introductions (and explanations) I showed them my little rounds and offered to let them shoot it. The reaction was priceless: Wham! Blam! CONVERTS on the field. Both of them hit the center bull at 100 yards on their first trigger pull, and I wasn't even done breaking in the barrel or fine tuning the scope. Rofl. Comments like, "Dang it gets there fast and I don't even lose the target", as well as, "Gee it hardly kicks at all" flew through the air. Very satisfying. :)
I had loaded 24 g Hornady NTX pills atop 26 g of 4895 for the break-in figuring that to be a fairly light load what, with slower burn and light pill and all. I left the Chronie at home since I was only breaking it in. Next time tho.
Most of the load info I've seen was on and it's sister site while reading about the development of the little jewel. What I haven't found is continued load development in more pill and powder combinations. I could really use some guidance in that area. Here is my powder list, from fast to slow:
Hi-score X-700 (for the .357 mag)
H 110 (for the .357)
LT-32 (for...something)
IMR 4198
IMR 3031
W 748
BL-C(2), Varget, IMR 4895, Pwr Pro Varmint, (because they were mid-burn AND available)
IMR 4007 SSC
AA. 4064
H. Superformance
and somewhere in there is CFE 223 (anyone know where it sits?)

24 NTX
32 V-max
34 Dogtown
39 S BK

Well, that about sums me up. Happy to be here and looking forward to your ideas.

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Re: Noob from Comiefornia ;)

Postby CRT » Wed Jul 29, 2015 10:49 am

First off Welcome to the SCC forum! You have found a new home for 20 caliber information. :D

Based on the powder and bullet combo's you have i would give the CFE223 powder a try with the 39 Sierra bullets. If you can find some H4198 powder that is also excellent in the 20 Prac.

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Re: Noob from Comiefornia ;)

Postby L.Sherm » Wed Jul 29, 2015 11:40 am

I have really good luck with AA2230 and 34gr.V-nitemares from midsouth.AA2230 is about impossible to find right know but exterminator is about the same. I would also try the Lt-32 CFE 223 and anything else that a 223 likes that you have.

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Re: Noob from Comiefornia ;)

Postby Virginian » Thu Jul 30, 2015 6:29 am

Welcome Marlan,

We are glad to have you on board. There's a great bunch of guys on here willing to help.

Show up
Do your best
Don't grumble about the outcome

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Re: Noob from Comiefornia ;)

Postby Marfish » Thu Jul 30, 2015 11:38 pm

Thank you all for the warm welcome.
I am excited to be here and learning about sub-caliber cartridges

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