20 SCC barrel for sale (SOLD)

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20 SCC barrel for sale (SOLD)

Postby BillK20SCC » Fri Feb 03, 2017 4:49 pm

This is a out of norm barrel.. I have a 21 inch standard blue steel contour barrel off of a Howa 1500 action. I have Bob Green re-chamber it to a 20 SCC. I have since put a Xcaliber barrel, med varmint on this action, so this take off barrel is up for sale. Can send photo's to anyone interested. Send me you email, if you are, and I will send a couple photo's. It has had approx. 400 rounds down it and is in very good condition. I will take 75.00 shipped. Bill K :)

Barrel has been traded. No long available. Bill K

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