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Trigger Tech triggers

Posted: Sat Aug 19, 2017 3:37 pm
by L.Sherm
Any interest in a trigger tech trigger? I need 6-8 people and I can probably get a 15.00 break on there trigger. They only have triggers for Rem. 700 they have 2 weights in pull. 1lb to 3.5 be about 165.00 and there 1.5 to 4lb. About 130.00. I saw a cutaway of there trigger and I'm impressed they break on a ball bearing. I have heard of really good things about these triggers. Would take about 2-3 weeks after order so let me know if you interested. There 1-3.5 lb retails for 179.99 and the 1.5-4lb is 139.99 plus shipping. My above price I'm gonna include shipping.