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1. This forum is for the sharing of information on all things related to the small calibers, and everyone is welcome to join.
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The new Forum

Postby Crazyhorse » Sun Sep 16, 2012 8:24 am

Hey I just wanted to add a post in here and say thanks to the admin for starting this new Forum! I think most know of recent events over at the other small caliber forum but I think there are other reasons for being here and enjoying this brand new Forum. In my occupation (healthcare) it is very common place for practices to become what is referred to as "sacred cows" or another way of saying this is the way its been done or is for many years and there is no intention of changing it. I think this virtue is very heavy over at that other forum and I think sometimes things need changed up either for some new air to be breathed in or by necessity. I hope the admin of this site will continue to "flex with the times" and appreciate the virtues that its diversified members bring to the table here.
Here is another reason I am so glad this site started up: another born of the occupation I am currently in. Many healthcare facilities have wireless networks in place including the one I work at. Many of these institutions have strict reguard against electronic info that may pertain to weopons or firearms. Of course my employer is no exception and the other small caliber site is included in thier list of taboo sites. Luckily as of yet this one has escaped those confines. While working the night shift there are some long hours you fight to stay awake and I look fwd to using this forum as a new source of entertainment and information....even while at work :)
Thanks again guys and cheers to many good days ahead!

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