Venison sausage?

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Re: Venison sausage?

Postby Ramos » Wed Oct 31, 2012 12:11 pm

I made a "wood stove" out of 12" well casing. This will be mounted underneath the insulated floor of the freezer, where the cooling unit used to be. The stove is plumbed in to the freezer by two, 2" pipes (chimneys). These pipes end at about one inch above the freezer floor and have a baffle plate above them big enough to support a pan of water. Top of the freezer gets a four inch chimney with draft control. Air in-take at the fire box is controlled, as well. Right now, it has four full sized oven racks with room for at least four more. I have not tackled the door yet. It will be a little work because it does have some plastic pieces that will have to be replaced with tin or wood. I know I will be able to get it hotter than I want, my goal is to be able to run it as cool as 125* F. I have a bunch of hours in to it, and some consumables. Other than that, it is all from scrap. Should work but, won't know until I try!

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Re: Venison sausage?

Postby Sth Oz Dan » Wed Oct 31, 2012 3:40 pm

Sounds good!
Can't wait to see some pics of it loaded with yummy bits of animals

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